26 West Church

As Pastor of Young People & Communications, I get to work on a variety of exciting projects.

Recently, I got to lead our rebranding process. From concept to final product, my aim was to take the vision of the community and create an interactive visual experience for both those visiting, and those who call 26 West Church 'home.' Balancing our minimal, photo-centric, and purposefully intellectually stimulating culture while adopting a look and feel that welcomed the many young families who make up a majority of our community was a fun challenge.

One of the the most enjoyable parts of this process was re-working our copy (from the previous website, documents, and training material), harmonizing it into a single voice that clearly felt like "us." During this process, I found it helpful to compile many of the ideas we'd written down into four books that are now available in both print and digital form. You can read or download them here: 26westchurch.org/books


Branding. Website. Print / Digital Media. Copy. Voice. Videos. Teaching Materials. Social Media.