Hey, nice to meet you.

My name is Nate Kupish and I currently get to pastor young people & design fun stuff in Portland, Oregon.

You'll find me working in our yard or in one the many incredible coffee shops here in Portland (if you'd like suggestions, just ask!). My wife Hillary works at Nike and enjoys running. Our dog Royal gets free reign of the house and knows the meaning of the words, “walk,” “treat,” and “kisses.”

After a number of years teaching for Apple, and being a part of a church community of 18-26 year olds called The Way, I was brought on staff at Solid Rock Church (Now Westside: A Jesus Church) in 2011 and then transitioned to 26 West Church in April of 2016 as Pastor of Young People & Communications.

Feel free to check out my book Moving from god to Abba.

I believe as we continually wake up to more of what God is like, then allow ourselves to be loved, that it's there where we'll learn how to love ourselves and each other well. May you continue to know God's delight for you, and for those around you.

Your friend, 



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