God Here, Now

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"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come." -Jesus (John 16v13)



I often hear people ask (in various ways), "Is God with me?"

It's a deeply emotional and life changing question, no matter the words we use to ask it. And yet without this question, we cannot move to the place of being led by His Spirit in our everyday moments. Someone who is far away has little say or suggestion in what we do... but God is closer than anything else, it's our waking up to this reality that begins our shift.

In the Scriptures, the Spirit of God comes into relationship with people in a handful of ways (John 20v22, Acts 2v38, 8v15-17, 10v47, etc.) But one thing ties nearly every encounter together... the receiver is willing. They want God with them, and them to be with God. They long to recognize and embrace the connection between themselves and the Life Energy of the Universe, the Light of the World, the Redeemer of all that is broken.

They recognize that without this God for them, they cannot and will not, be fully human. They will stay broken, un-put-togther, and fixated on hoping for the day when "God will be close." But that day has come, it is today. It is the now and the not yet. God's presence and Kingdom here now and there then. It is one.

And more than we can fathom, the Driving Force behind all good things, the One who 'hems us in behind and ahead lays His hand upon us' because He favors us. He loves us, is crazy about us, and is offering us each breath as a gift and platform to enjoy Him. This is why as we learn to see God in everything, we'll begin enjoying moments rather than consuming them. God here, now. Leading us... if we'll allow Him.

God became fully like us in the person of Jesus in order to reclaim every kind of darkness we endorse and experience. He lived, showing us what was right around the corner... a life where we, like children, could call God, "Daddy!" But Jesus knew that in bodily form, He could not be for humanity what we so desperately longed for; 24/7 connection with God. Only Spirit could transcend the reality of everywhere/everything in one moment. And so Jesus "returned" to the Father and sent His Spirit to be with us. Now.

The Spirit of Truth... God's available presence today.

God in us.



1. What or who am I letting lead my life? Or we could ask, "What am I constantly thinking about?" Myself? Another person? An addiction? A fear? Shame? Whatever consumes our thinking has been graduated to the place of our teacher, our guide... because we've begun giving them the power over us to dictate how we feel, our identity.

2. Am I willing to ask the Spirit of God (God here and now) what to do in each moment rather than making all my own decisions or following my initial desires? Am I willing to be still now, releasing my agenda for the day – and with pen in hand, ask and listen to what He says is most needed, most valuable, most important?



God, thank you for calling me close.

I release my fight, I want to rest in You.

You know every moment I've said no to You, but You don't remind me.

I release my own self-hate, I want to listen to You.

Every time I bring my sin up to You, You lift my head and smile.

I release having to be my own god, I submit to You.

You say I'm free.

I release my fear of not being perfect and in its place, I trust in You.

Holy Spirit, here I am. Your son/daughter is ready to follow you. Teach me to be led by You today.


What does it look like for you to allow the Spirit of Truth to lead you today? I'd love to hear in the comments below :)

Nate K