Recognizing The Giver in all things

Recognizing The Giver in all things

Why is that when we have, or are getting the opportunity to enjoy, something good we often want more of it? Content for a moment, sure... but then our minds slip into a place of wanting more.

This morning I found myself sitting in our living room, looking out the window as warm sunlight and a cool breeze poured through our screen door. I was watching the bird feeder, and a bird eating from it. I felt full. It was still. It was a good moment. Then... like Kramer bursting through the door, I felt the desire for more.

I thought, "I should order more of these bird feeders, it'd be even better." And then it hit me; the joy found in one is enough.

So why was I fighting myself for more? Why the longing for something else that could only suggest what I already had? Why was it so difficult to just remain in the moment? Why even consider leaving that place to step into the dark that at best, could offer me no more than what was already in front of me?

I wonder if in that moment, I, like humanity in Genesis 1–3, approached the line of Love. We enjoy a moment, experience, or feeling and in doing so are a part of an active and evolving process. The nature of this process moves us toward what we'll call the line of Love. When we come to this line, we're faced with a question. A question that must be given a response. And a response that will determine whether that moment, experience, or feeling is enough (to remain) or if we'll leave it; wanting "more."

It's the point in the process where we can either move from infatuation to Love... or into lust, greed, or any other contextual brokenness.

It's as if to say, we've tasted and seen, but now we choose to give context to what we just experienced. This is where we're faced, regardless of religion, with the choice of what was behind, or in, that moment. What was that goodness we just/are experiencing?

If we say God (Love), then we can continue in being content in that moment. We'll remain there, aware that what we're experiencing is in fact a taste of what is now and not yet.

But if we accredit the goodness to an unknown feeling, or to the sensation of getting, well... we'll slip from that place, no longer able to enjoy the fullness of it because we've taken a step in the direction of believing that more is better. At least until the next time...

The line of Love is the moment we either recognize or reject The Giver in all good things.



What if me being content is simply the decision of what I believe the source of goodness is in any given moment? Do I see God there? Do I want to? What am I afraid of loosing?


Rhythm of Practicing Peace

Spirit of God,

Son of God,

Father God,

You are the Love that holds each atom in balance.

You tell the light to be light, and gravity to be gravity.

You pulse in all, and through all, and yet call us to agree. To see You.

You are outside of, yet choose to be present inside of, time and space. Here, and now.

You've taught us to avoid destruction and given us access to You so that we can flourish.

Spirit of God, I receive You.

Son of God, I thank you.

Father God, I believe you.


How have you experienced this in your own life? Feel free to comment below.

Nate K