Metaphors are our dance partners in knowing The Dance itself

For the Lord God is our sun

“For the Lord God is our sun…” Psalm 84v11a

Stepping into the sunlight… warmth, energy, and the ability to see (as opposed to cold, dull moments when light is kept out) flood our world. Yet, if you and I are anything alike, it’s often routine for autopilot to switch on, spending little or no time contemplating and cultivating a deep appreciation for the very sun that’s offering an atmosphere of grace for us to enjoy. Instead, all available power is subconsciously diverted to the mind, thinking about the things that “need” to be accomplished that day. Even still, the sun faithfully continues to offer its grace and glory to us.

Metaphors are our dance partners in knowing The Dance itself. They lead us into a deeper knowing of what God is like.

God, our warmth.

God, our energy.

God, our light.

If you visit our house, you may notice a prism gently sitting on a windowsill next to a small green cactus in a light grey concrete planter. At certain moments, the sunlight flows through the prism and a colorful rainbow fills the room. It’s one of my favorite reminders of God here, now. That the unseen, and often thought to be unknowable, is just as real as the seen... patiently waiting to be known.

In a similar way, like a prism exposes beautiful colors hidden among the white sunlight, the writer of Psalm 84 celebrates God through the metaphor of “sun”. A natural, physical representation of the glorious mystery of God. 

Now, traditional fundamental thinking would require for a list to be made of “everything this imagery could represent” in order to “fully grasp its meaning” so as to form it into a teaching point. But like trying "to push the river" (a helpful phrase used by Father Richard Rohr), poetry is not written with hopes to be dissected upon the table of certainty. Instead, it is the holding of a hand, offering a world of meaning if we’ll listen.


A benediction of Peace

So today, may you be reminded that God is your warmth. That in every interaction of kindness and love, God is there. 

May you come to a deep place of knowing that allows you the grace of interacting with God as your energy, the One holding each atom together as they dance before the One who set them into motion. 

And may you remember God is your light. The One who, no matter the darkness, is whispering that the Light is dawning, and that Jesus is bringing about a new beginning for your yesterday.

Bless you as you stop to see God today in all and through all… and as you slow from your doing and rest in your being loved by God.

Nate K