Hey friend, my name is nate.

I wrote a book with the hope that something in it may be of help as you’re honest about figuring out life with God and people: Check it out on Amazon


“Nate brings together Jesus’ three strands of beauty, truth, and goodness in such a personal, accessible way. Western Christianity nails truth - we have apologetics. We also nail goodness - we have ethics. But we often fail at beauty. This book has an aesthetic that entices the reader into a deep connection with the God who is already there. I am more aware of Jesus because of Nate and his work.” 

-Evan Wickham, Lead Pastor of Park Hill Church in San Diego, CA


“Nate’s book is simple, yet profound. So needed for our current day and age. I can’t think of a book that addresses such deep theological truths while simultaneously connecting them to the praxis that’s needed in order to really experience God like this book does. “Moving From god to Abba” gets at the heart of where so many people find themselves and breathes life and intimacy into existence in such refreshing ways... Highly recommend taking your time as you read through. There’s no rush. Really sit in it.”

-Matthew Zigenis, Pastor of Worship Portland at Bridgetown Church, OR